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WSLL History

West Suburban Little League History

For over 68 years, West Suburban Little League has been the premier Greater Johnstown youth baseball/softball league where young girls and boys learn the fundamentals of America’s Favorite Past time and instill a love for the game that lasts a lifetime.  West Suburban Little League is committed to implanting the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, teamwork, and respect for authority into the over 400+ girls and boys that call West Suburban Little League home.

The First Season at WSLL-Tribune Democrat Article from June 1951

West Suburban Little League Through The Years


The 1950’s

1951- West Suburban is established as one of the first 775 sanctioned Little Leagues in the world and remains today in the oldest 10% of sanctioned Little League programs worldwide

Land donated for league by Harry Callet .  Original uniforms and equipment were donated by Hiram Swank

1959-Pennsylvania District 11 and Pennsylvania Section 2 Champions (PA State Semi-Finalist)

The 1960’s

Miller Field, originally a full sized regulation baseball field, is constructed

Albert Swank Field house is constructed through a donation and fundraising done by the league

1966-West Suburban is an original member in the newly formed Senior Little League Division

1967-Pennsylvania District 11 Senior Little League and Pennsylvania Section 3 Champions

The 1970’s

1970-Pennsylvania Senior Little League -Unable to find specific information as to if a District or Section Championship was won

The 1980’s

The "4:30 League" featured kids ages 9-12 and the "6:30 League" featured kids ages 10-12.  Younger kids participated in programs offered in the mornings during summer.  Kids ages 13+ participated in the Senior League on Miller Field.

1989-Pennsylvania District 11 Little League Champions

1989-Pennsylvania District 11 Senior Little League Champions                  

The 1990’s

Lights added to Callet Field

The 2000’s

2000-Miller Field, which was originally a regulation baseball field, is reconfigured into Jones Field and Minor Field.

2000-Softball is established into West Suburban

The addition of Jones Field, Minor Field, and softball allows the league to more than double in the number of participating children from the Johnstown community during the 2000’s.

2009-9-10 year old Pennsylvania District 11 Champions

The 2010’s

2010-New scoreboard added to Callet Field

2010-Umpire shed built on Callet Field

2013-Picnic pavilion added to Callet Field through a donation

2013-Hosted Pennsylvania Little League Section 4 Tournament

2015-New batting cages constructed through a grant from Pittsburgh Pirates Charities

2015-The Challenger Division is started at West Suburban

2017-Miller Field dugouts and backstop renovated

2018-New press box constructed on Miller Field

2018-Hosted Pennsylvania Section 4 Majors and Minors Softball Tournament

2011-9-10 year old Pennsylvania District 11 and Section 3 Champions

2013-9-10 year old Pennsylvania District 11 Champions

2015-Pennsylvania District 11 Little League Champions 

2017-Pennsylvania District 11 Minor Division Champions