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Recent 12U Softball News

Team Gives Everyone The Chance To Play

The West Suburban Little League Challenger Division team, Bayada Pediatrics made an appearance on WJAC TV on Saturday.  Click here to view the story.

Equipment Needed

By Matt Hoffman 03/06/2017, 9:15am EST

You daughters will need a glove for the 1st practice. Typically the girls have their own bats and helmets, but if they don't have those we can supply it.  I also highly recommend a fielding mask for all girls (infield and outfield).  Something like -

Dunhams has these masks too (Rip It, ChampPro, Sklz, etc) are all good choices


By Matt Hoffman 03/05/2017, 9:45pm EST

Hello, Welcome to WSLL Softball!  I am Matt Hoffman that Manager of your daughter's 12USoftball team. I am also the president of the softball at WSLL.  I have been coaching softball for 6 years at WSLL and 5 years for the Lady Dirtbags.  I have 2 other children in the league (baseball and farm).  We will have our first practice at the Grove on Thursday March 9th from 6-7.  We will have a parents meeting right at 6pm while my other coaches (George Lugar and Stan Carr) get the girls warmed up.  I love the game and the sport and will teach the girls how to also love the game.  We like to have fun while also teaching mechanics and the basics to help make the girls better softball players.  Hope to see you Thursday.