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Recent Pitt Bull Technologies News

JR&S Wins Majors Division Championship

By WSLL 06/18/2019, 9:45pm EDT

CT-Polish Falcons Finish In 2nd

JR&S won the deciding game in the Majors Division Championship series on Tuesday evening 16-5 over the Conemaugh Twp. Polish Falcons.  To view past WSLL Champions visit  the WSLL Trophy Case page.

JR&S and Hertz go up 1-0 in championship series

Sportsman's and CVYL-Tigers each advanced to the Machine Pitch Championship game with victories on Saturday.  The Machine Pitch championship game will be Monday at 5:45 at West Suburban.  JR&S and Hertz each went up 1-0 in the Majors Division and Intermediates division championships.  Game 2 of each series is scheduled for 5:45 on Monday at West Suburban.

Watson Insurance, CT Diamondbacks, RNDT. Inc. and CT-Hershberger Insurance Advance

Round 2 of the Machine Pitch and Intermediates Division playoffs are set to begin on Wednesday evening.  In the Machine Pitch Division, #4 The Tax Lady will take on #5 Chico's  at Minor Field and #CT-Maluchnik Insurance will play host to #6 AJ Gallagher at Conemaugh Twp. on Wednesday evening.  #8 Watson Insurance advanced for a Thursday matchup with #1 Sportsman's and #7 CT-Diamondbacks will travel to meet #2 CVYL-Tigers on Thursday.  In the Intermediates Division, #3 RNDT Inc. advanced to round 2 and will take on #2 Rolling Hills Sluggers on Thursday and #4 CT-Hershberger Insurance will advance for a matchup against #1 Hertz on Thursday.  In the Majors Division, both #1 CT-Polish Falcons and #2 JR&S have a 1-0 series lead with game 2 of both series set for Wednesday evening.